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Should I Purchase Rental Car Coverage?

I get asked this question all the time. In the video below, I discuss a few items to note regarding rental car coverage. The best answer is, if you don't know, I would recommend checking with your agent or broker or buying the coverage from the rental car company. It often has a deductible waiver and no-fault coverage. Of course, you would want to double-check what they are offering.

But here's the deal, you need to make sure you have rented and leased auto coverage on your personal auto policy, and that may cover you for liability if your policy has liability only. Even if you have comprehensive and collision, you still have a deductible to consider. And, another big one, is loss of use. If the rental car company wants to, they can charge you for the cost of the rental car every day it is off the road for repairs. And most policies aren't going to cover that. So, there is a lot to consider. Please feel free to contact our team, and we'd be happy to help you with this, or any other insurance-related matter.

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