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Our team will reach out to you to schedule a meeting regarding your renewal. We will review your current insurance plan and provide you with an updated quote including the best coverage at the best price.


As a valued client of Olsen & Olsen Insurance Services, we provide our customers with access to their very own Client Portal which provides access to hundreds of trainings and attorney-backed resources to help them in the course of their business. This also includes access to our Learning Management System which hosts over 150 bilingual, safety, OSHA, and compliance trainings with certificates.


Login to your client portal below and review the available resources for you and your team.

Client Portal


Our client portal is your go-to customer service resource to find the content and tools needed to stay compliant, manage risk and build a better workforce.

  • 24/7 exclusive compliance, training, people and risk management tools you need to avoid costly lawsuits, claims and fines

  • Accurate compliance information regarding ACA, FMLA, COBRA, etc.

  • Stay up-to-date when content and legislation is updated with alerts an notifications

  • User-friendly solution that will assist you in getting more done in less time

  • HR and/or compliance assets you need to do your job more effectively


  • Solve your business’s unique pain points with centralized tools and content

  • Easily navigate the complex world of compliance and risk management

  • Effectively handle tasks revolving employees using portal resources

Client Portal is mobile-ready, so you can find the resources you need at any time and on any device

Work Desk
Man with headphones

Zywave Learning



Zywave Learning™ makes it easier than ever for you to provide the
training courses you need to promote a safe and compliant workplace.

  • Set up your employees in minutes

  • More than 150 training courses available, including sexual harassment prevention and workplace safety courses

  • Provide separate courses to employees, managers or other groups you create

  • Easy-to-use dashboard allows for simple tracking of employee course completion

  • System issues certificates of completion per course for each employee

  • Do you have a Learning Management System (LMS) that enables you to easily train and onboard employees? 

  • Does your LMS contain all of the courses needed to prevent lawsuits,
    workers’ compensation claims and government fines? 

  • Are your current training methods professionally produced and interactive?

Zywave Learning is mobile-ready, so learners can complete training courses anytime, anywhere.

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